Call for Artists and Volunteers in Creative Festival Dancing Rain 2015

Travellers who would like to volunteer, check this out!

Parivartan Assam

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NGO Parivartan along with local and global support is organizing Dancing Rain Creative Festival 2015 for the third time. The aim is to bring environmental awareness among people, to preserve and expand the forests, stop the deforestation in the North Eastern part of India and plant more trees in the Urban and Rural Spaces. We are keen on involving the public in the process of environmental conservation. We are also setting a platform for local & global, art & cultural exchange.

Creative festival will held for 2 days on 24th and 25thof January 2015 at the Botanical Garden in Guwahati.Basistha – Garbanga is green vicinity where many wild animals, birds, butterflies and valuable trees are to be found.

Artists and volunteers start to gather at least 1 week before the festival (depends on your project and conditions, you can come earlier or later, but please, inform us)…

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10 Life Lessons From 2 Years of Travelling.

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The Shooting Star

This post was initially intended to be a rant, about how my life as a travel blogger isn’t as perfect as it can seem, how everyone’s always asking for free content, and how ‘knowing people’ can have more value than good work. I’ll be honest; July has been a pretty terrible month. Having reached a point where I really needed to focus on earning some money, I decided to put all my travel plans on hold this month and work with a vengeance (Read: How I Afford My Travels and How You Can Too). Let’s just say I didn’t meet my financial goal, but that wasn’t the disappointing part. The disappointing part was that karma, and I dare say life, bitch-slapped me in so many ways this month.

In the midst of penning this rant, I started to recount how amazing the first half of my year had been…

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The Southern Tip of India

Kanyakumari is a little town in the state of Tamil Nadu and it is the southern tip of India. Kanyakumari is a special little touristy town, which has visitors from not only around the world, but also all over India. It is nice, in a way. I was amazed to find people from ALL over India in one tiny town, all the way from the North, to a few from the North East. This is one place to experience cultural diversity, all living together in harmony, in a tiny town like Kanyakumari, BIG TIME.

As a traveller/tourist/backpacker, visit Kanyakumari. For those of you who like the Indian Railways, this is a town you just CANNOT miss.ImageImage

I LOVE the Indian Railways, the berth in the train is like home to me and visiting this place was on my bucketlist for a very long time. As a train buff, I couldn’t help but feel really happy, that I finally made it there, to the tip of India(while staring at the yellow board bearing the train station’s name) and then, it was a mixed feeling of sadness and I don’t know what, when I saw what you see as picture 2, because that’s where the train line actually ended, and the only way to anywhere was going back. A sense of accomplishment, yes. It was and is still a feeling within I cannot describe. I think one has to visit this place to understand the energies there.

Getting to the main city is really easy. Take a rick and get there, it doesn’t cost much.


This one is a no stress. There are PLENTY of hotels, from fancy ones, to budget ones, to lodges, guesthouses yada yada, all the way to fancy hotels (at a budget ) for a group of 3 people or so. We stayed in a hotel called Gopinivas Grand, took a 3 bed room, and we paid 1200 rupees per night. Since we were 3 people, it was good luxury, at a really low price! I love how hotels are slowly shifting to solar water heaters and don’t depend on electronic water heaters for hot water.


Restaurant Saravana is good, for simple, delicious vegetarian meals.

If you wish to splurge, Hotel Seashore has an amazing restaurant which does REALLY good North Indian food.

If you like sweets, the sweet shop round the corner from Hotel Gopinivas Grand does really good Kaju Katli( Cashew sweets, in the shape of a diamond), and Mysore Pak [ You just can’t skip this, sweet lover or not, leaving Kanyakumari without tasting this sweet is a crime. These guys do the best version of Mysore Pak in India. Even better than the ones from Mysore themselves].


When there,  try to avoid the Tuk Tuks. Walk around wherever possible!

Enjoy the sunset! 😉 ❤